Unyti Payment System

Value-based payment system that can create, process, redeem and even settle its own virtual currency.

It works in one of four unique ways:

1. As an exchange

2. As a payment method

3. As a fundraising tool

4. As a loyalty or rewards program

Regardless of the chosen function, Unyti uses the power of stored value and the relationship between the buyer and seller to create virtual coupons that will be used in lieu of cash or any other form of payment to complete transaction. These virtual coupons are then placed within the seller’s wallet and are only redeemable with the buyer. The seller can then redeem, trade, donate or even sell the virtual coupons directly from their wallet.

As an Exchange

Unyti’s currency exchange functionality allows members to convert stored value credit into a spendable currency they can use to make purchases from other members.

As a payment method Unyti can apply a stored value currency to any transaction within the Communyti network. When it does, it completes the transaction without ever charging a cash fee.

As a Payment Method

As a Fundraising Tool

If used to receive donations from merchants, non-profit organizations can engage Unyti to initiate a donation request. Once created and submitted to the merchant, Unyti will process the donation request and create virtual coupons in the requesting non-profit’s wallet. These virtual coupons that are only redeemable with the merchant making the donation can then be used to raise funds. This is done when the members of your organization exchange their dollars for the donated virtual coupons.

When consumers exchange their dollars for Unyti, they can earn deep discounts and other incentives simply by using Unyti as their method of payment during the point of sale.

As a Loyalty Or Rewards Program