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Whether you’re a counseling center, homeless shelter, or a ministry, we believe that charitable organizations truly form the foundation of the community. For that reason, we give you the tools and the means to tap into valuable advertising revenues that are spent by local businesses. We provide you:

  Free use of our donation platform.  

  Free use of our proprietary, patent-pending payment system.

  Free banner advertising within our online community.

  Additional earning opportunities as they come available.

Furthermore, we set up your virtual checkout within our online cooperative, called Communyti, so that all dollars exchanged for your stored value donations are paid directly to you.

The only cost you ever have, is your own payment processing fees to either PayPal or Stripe.


Promote the local businesses that give, by exchanging the stored value currency with your members for cash.


    Simply start your fundraiser by going to local businesses to solicit donations.


    Simply start your fundraiser by going to local businesses to solicit donations.


    Raise money by swapping your donations for cash.


    Your member simply redeems the stored value with the giver.


The image below describes how the Tameion Project, along with its payment system Unyti, will strengthen and empower your charity, your community and your world.

The End Result…Everyone Wins

Unlike all other means of helping your organization raise funds, your members and the contributing businesses benefit greatly. In fact, when everyone wins the entire community wins. Not a bad way to raise funds.

The Enrollment process

  • Enroll

    Click on Enroll Now button at the bottom of the page.

  • Get Vetted

    Upon completion of your enrollment, we will verify your organization with the IRS Publication 98.

  • Once Verified

    Upon verification of your 501(c) status you are approved and will receive information on how to complete your account set up.

  • Send Requests

    Find businesses, request donations, change your currency and change your world.

Take the leap

There is nothing to lose but the opportunity.