…want to keep giving!


You’ve probably heard the phrase “charity begins at home”. Yet, have you ever stopped to ponder what that truly looks like? Many would say, “it’s helping your own family first”. True, but what if you could experience almost immediate benefits by simply being a blessing to others in need, the down and out, or the people that help the less fortunate? You’d probably give three times today and twenty times tomorrow. With that sort of mindset, you are just the givers we are looking for, and do we ever have something amazing to give you in return.

By participating in a Tameion Project fundraiser, presented by the charity of your choice, you can experience a no risk/no obligation way to generate business for yourself and give benefits to others.

Real Advantages

Real Opportunities

Choosing to donate to a participating charity or organization certainly has it’s rewards. With Tameion, business owners like yourself can eliminate ineffective advertising in exchange for real performance-driven results.

Real Rewards

With every dollar donated, your business will be rewarded with real customers, with real dollars to spend. If not, well, you haven’t spent a single penny. So, what do you really have to lose with the proposition?

How It Works For Givers

For merchants, participating in a fundraiser is extremely easy and extraordinarily quick. Follow the steps below to become one of our amazing Givers, and start supporting the charities that are near and dear to your heart.

  • Click the box below to sign up to accept Unyti, our proprietary payment method. When you do, you will automatically be enrolled in Communyti, our online portal.

  • Once you are approved in Unyti and welcomed into our Communyti, you will be able to receive Donation Requests from local charities and other federally-recognized 501(c) organizations.


When a charity or non-profit submits a Donation Request to your business, all you have to do is accept it.


Upon acceptance, our payment system will create Your dollars to settle the accepted Donation Request.


Your stored value currency is advertised to members.


Users will choose your currency
and exchange it for dollars.


The charity retains the dollars and their members get your stored value currency.


By making good on your donation, you get rewarded with real customers with real dollars to spend.

Rates and Fees

First, we want to be extremely clear. There is Never a cash fee for a business owner to contribute or redeem their stored value currency created from the use of this platform. However, all participating merchants pay a flat 3% in stored value. We only charge this fee so that we can help maintain the infrastructure to make this platform possible. This fee is calculated with each transaction, and your stored value currency is created automatically to cover this expense. As it accumulates, we sell your stored value currency to bring you more business.

It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.

What do you have to lose?

If you’re going to advertise anyway, why not advertise in a performance-driven way that benefits the entire community…including YOU! It costs you nothing unless you get customers through your door and to your register.


Enroll today and watch how your business can thrive even in the midst of economic chaos.