Reconnect and Restore


It’s time for a “new” normal.

Regardless of the ministry, charity or youth soccer league, non-profit organizations are looked to as an important and integral part of the community. Yet, in light of our current economic situation and financial hardships, caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of these amazing institutions find themselves in trouble. They find themselves having to lay-off and let go of many of the people that make it all possible. Even worse many are shutting their doors simply because they do not have the resources to continue.


What if there was a better way to receive donations in a manner that impacted the entire community? Like say a cashless donation platform that produced a cash benefit!


What if that platform could produce one small, but simple currency, that could greatly impact the lives of the people of your community, more than the dollar ever could?

Dollars spent on advertising. Are you tapping into it?

Introducing The Tameion Project

The world’s only performance-driven donation platform designed to empower and reward you, the givers that contribute to your cause and the members that make it work.

It starts with one simple concept:

Advertising. You see, when a business contributes to a non-profit, they do it for two reasons:

  1. They believe in the cause.
  2. They do it to get their name out.

By participating in the Tamieon Project, your ministry or charity can engage locally owned, small businesses, to raise funds in a way that benefits everyone. Unlike other fundraisers, your givers can give cashless donations that can be used to raise funds for your organization, reward your givers, and offer savings and incentives to their patrons.


Promote the local businesses that give, by exchanging the stored value currency with your members for cash.


Submit donation requests to the businesses you wish to participate in your fundraiser.


Upon acceptance of your donation request, a stored value currency is created on behalf of the giver.


Promote the local business that give by exchanging the stored value currency with your members for cash.


Your members exchange the stored value currency for goods and services with the business that gave.

Why Not?

Powered by an amazing patent-pending payment method called Unyti, Tameion members can engage each other in way that allows us all to make a difference.

What do you have to lose by accepting donations in this manner?

Your world: Transformed

With the Tameion Project, you can bring all your worlds together in a powerful and profitable way.


It free to enroll, and free to use. Your only costs are associated with accepting payment for the value you sell.