Let’s face it, merchants that are members of barter and trade exchanges enjoy the benefits of having the freedom of using an alternate form of currency to purchase the goods and services they need to operate their business. If you’re like most business owners you need cash flow, clever thinking, and a constant stream of customers just to keep the doors open and your operation running as smooth as possible.

Yet, while being a member of a barter or trade exchange has its benefits, getting cash paying customer is not one of them. In fact most barter or trade members usually end up being

“Barter rich and cash Poor”

Without cash customers members can only exist to help one another, but the last time we checked the electric company doesn’t accept those alternate types of currency.

But what if there was a way to convert your barter and trade dollars into true value that can be used to bring real, cash-paying customers back to your business? If your answer is yes, then why not let the Communyti be the difference maker when it comes to your business?

Although it looks like barter or trade, Communyti is neither. It is movement that is changing how businesses and consumers can interact with one another.

At Communyti, business owners can use Unyti our proprietary, patent-pending payment system and the value from their business to generate a stored value currency that resembles virtual coupons. These virtual coupons can be used (like barter or trade) to purchase goods and services from other members. However, unlike barter or trade your virtual coupons can be traded with or sold to consumers that can only redeem them at one location: YOURS

In fact, if you are looking to generate cash and customers from all the barter or trade currency you have saved up, why not exchange those “dollars” for virtual coupons that are owned by Communyti. When you do, you are then free to trade, donate or even sell them off to every day customers.

Want more... you got it…

When you become a Communyt member, you can actually create your own virtual coupons right from your wallet so that you can get more exposure and more customers.

So let’s recap…with Communyti you can:

  • Use your barter or trade dollar to purchase goods and services
  • Use your barter or trade to purchase virtual coupons
  • Create your own virtual coupons
  • All of which help you convert your your barter and trade dollars into cash.

What do you have to lose…you get to keep all the cash you generate, and there is NEVER as cash fee.

So why delay. It’s free to join and free to use. You only pay a non-cash commission when we make a sale for you, or when you redeem your Unyti currency.